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Warsaw Schools Sports Information
Boys Baseball Super Sectionals
Mon, May 29th 11:00 am - More Info...
Boys Baseball State Finals
Fri, Jun 2nd 11:00 am - More Info...
JWCC Shootout
Sun, Dec 17th 8:00 am - More Info...
Warsaw Sports Information
Check here for schedules, forms, and information regarding sports in the Warsaw Community School District.
Contact Coaches, admins, and access game times and information. More...
   340 South 11th Street
   Warsaw, Illinois 62379
   Phone: 217-256-4281
   Fax: 217-256-4282
   Email: info@warsawschool.org
Brad Froman
Position: High School Principal
Email: brad.froman@warsawschool.com
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Tracy Climer
Position: HS Secretary
Email: tracy.climer@warsawschool.com
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Paul O’Day
Position: Guidance Counselor
Email: paul.oday@warsawschool.com
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Kevin Buckert
Position: Guidance Counselor/History Teacher
Email: kevin.buckert@warsawschool.com
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Gena Dewald
Position: Algebra I, Tech Math I, Tech Math II, Algebra I
Email: gena.dewald@warsawschool.com
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Missy Finch
Position: Biology, Anatomy, Health & Environmental Club Sponsor
Email: melissa.finch@warsawschool.com
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Camilla Golemo
Position: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III
Email: milly.golemo@warsawschool.com
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Erin Guymon
Position: High School Special Education Teacher
Email: erin.guymon@warsawschool.com
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Jolene Ison
Position: HS Science
Email: jolene.ison@warsawschool.com
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Paige Henninger
Position: English Instructor
Email: paige.henninger@warsawschool.com
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Alan Kanauss
Position: Jazz Band, Concert Band, 5th grade band & 6th grade band
Email: alan.kanauss@warsawschool.com
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Cindy Koehler
Email: cindy.koehler@warsawschool.com
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Shufang Liu
Position: High School Math and Dual Credit Math
Email: shufang.liu@warsawschool.com
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Jim Lock
Position: Civil War, Investigative History, Local History, Current Issues, Government, World History
Email: jim.lock@warsawschool.com
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Jeff Ludwig
Position: 2D Art, Studio Art, Art I, 3D Art, Painting, Drawing, Cultural Arts, Drawing II
Email: jeff.ludwig@warsawschool.com
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Christine Morey
Position: Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor
Email: christine.morey@warsawschool.com
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Reno Pinkston
Position: High School PE & Driver Education
Email: reno.pinkston@warsawschool.com
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Fred Shoup
Position: Woods, Advanced Woods & Experiments in Industrial Arts
Email: fred.shoup@warsawschool.com
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Judith Steers
Position: General Music, 6th Grade & High School Chorus
Email: jsteers@adams.net and judy.steers@warsawschool.com
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Shawn Whitaker
Position: English I, English IV, Short Stories, Basic Comp, American Literature
Email: shawn.whitaker@warsawschool.com
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Annetta Ziegler
Position: Family & Consumer Science
Email: annetta.ziegler@warsawschool.com
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